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It's as Easy as 1-2-3

All we need is a small area at your party venue with access to an electrical outlet. The Picture Box team will deliver, set up and stay by the photo booth during the event as agreed upon. They'll assist your guests take pictures and provide the prints on the spot. 

If you'd like to understand how our photo booth works, keep reading.​


1. Enter the Picture Box Photo Booth! Picture Box has a user-friendly touch screen which allows you to interact with the Photo Booth and see yourself as you pose.

2. Strike your pose! Picture Box takes four pictures spaced out within a few seconds. The touch screen has a timer that allows you to see how much time you have to change your pose for the next picture. When the timer goes off, the inbuilt camera takes your picture automatically.


3. Get your pictures instantly! When you exit the photo booth the pictures will begin printing. The photos will print in about 15 seconds. After the party ends, we can also give you soft copies of all the pictures taken on your flash drive.

Event planner? See our presentation

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